Partners are individuals and organisations licensed to facilitate business games for their own clients. Specialisms range from leadership development, strategic planning and change management to finance readiness, team-building and a range of soft-skills.

By adding value, Business Games help Partners differentiate themselves from their competitors and attract more new business, particularly when prospective clients are facing difficult challenges.

If required, initial events can be co-facilitated with Business Game Ltd., allowing new Partners to observe every stage of the process before taking charge. BGL also provides Partners with comprehensive on-line support.

Simulation-based Business Games can compliment almost any learning and development portfolio. Clients gain confidence in the benefits of the products and services offered by Partners far quicker, as the improved performance of the virtual company is demonstrated during the accelerated timeframe of the event. In addition, they create additional revenue streams and act as a catalyst for existing products and services. Participation invariably helps clients to identify areas where there may be further opportunities for improvement.

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