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Bringing natural experiential learning to management.

The best way to acquire a skill is to practice in a safe environment. This is how we learn to walk, ride a bike, drive a car and almost everything else where mistakes have unacceptable consequences. Why has learning to run a business been left out? Decision-makers in business have lacked an easily accessible, affordable, safe environment where they can practice - until now.

With the Business Game, teams are given responsibility for turning round an under-performing virtual business. Decisions are just like those in real life but the consequences no longer take months or years. They can test their knowledge, experiment with alternative strategies and assess their ability to respond to unexpected events or tactical moves by competitors.

Please check the Applications section for more details.

For business advisers, coaches, consultants, mentors and trainers

Registered Partners can use the Business Game as a diagnostic tool - to discover what clients “don’t know they don’t know” - and a means of ensuring new knowledge is retained and applied.

For specialist subject experts

Registered Affiliates can apply to have their profiles seen by prospective clients in their chosen sector or territory.

For business-to-business organisations

Registered Associates can commission their own events or provide resources to event facilitators.

Typical Applications

An evening “taster” version for business networking groups

Integrated flexible course where teams prioritise and select training modules based on needs identified in the simulation

Club events with local/regional/national finals

“Business Proficiency Certificates” for entrepreneurs seeking start-up funding

Welcome to Business Game 2.0

For decades, the "holy grail" in learning and development has been finding a way of qualifying and quantifying a return on investment. The new Business Game website makes this possible by making advanced simulations accessible and affordable anytime, anywhere, for anyone with internet access. Typical outcomes include:

  • A better understanding of how businesses actually work, specifically the interdependence of stakeholders and their different ways of communicating.
  • The importance of having a clear, unambiguous strategy and knowing how to implement it successfully.
  • Being sufficiently aware, flexible and adaptable to adjust tactics when needed.
  • Evolving a high-performance team where members take responsibility for keeping themselves and their colleagues “in the zone”.

BG 2.0: Virtual Online Classrooms

"The beauty of simulations is their ability to liberate the learning process. In the virtual world, risk aversion, uncertainty and fear of failure are replaced by creativity and innovation.
Building the confidence needed to drive change and improvement used to take years. Now, it can be done in hours. Let us show you how virtual businesses can transform real ones!"
Doug Holman, Director, Business Game Ltd.