Feedback from an event run as part of a 2-day conference in California

"Participating in the Business Simulation was the highlight of the Entrepreneurial Skills Conference."
PF, Wells Fargo

"What a great conference – this was one of the most professionally put-together events with the absolutely best content. Having a “working conference” instead of just a listening conference was very successful."
SL, Microsoft

"It was great for all ages, all backgrounds and all aspirations. The simulation was brilliant!"

"Great value for the time and money. Many of the speakers alone were well worth the price of admission. And the business simulation was terrific for team building and networking."
PK, BAO Inc.

"I can't wait to get back to work to implement all I learned."
TS, Environmental Research Consultants

"As a organizational consultant and executive coach with a PhD in organizational behavior, I am always looking for tools that can both bring teams together in a learning environment and help team members see their own behavior in a new and constructive light. Facilitating the business simulation game, I was able to stand back and observe what was happening with different groups who were participating in the challenge. Just watching the individual’s body language and the degree of interaction among the team members gave me a lot of insight about each team. I found the business simulation to be a very useful tool to quickly surface those behaviors which may be creating challenges for individuals, alone, as well as in their team interactions."
FG, Executive Coach